The Tea House; Archi-Union

The Tea House, located in Shanghai, China is a concrete dwelling full of personality, with hidden corners and nooks, and undulating and folding walls and ceilings.  Designers Archi-Union attempted to embody harmony by integrating enclosure and openness, breathable and inviting spaces with logical construction and complicated relations.  The plan, reacting to the sites environment and being sure to preserve an existing mature tree, is laid out in an obscure quadrilateral form to maximize space.

It is divided into three parts, a covered public area is formed toward the open space with the pool with an enclosed tea house at ground level and library on the first floor where a small triangle balcony extends around the existing tree.  The more private spaces consist of a lounge, reading room and service room arranged towards the rear of the building.  A transitional space between the private and public spaces was created out of a hexahedron staircase, which connects the functional spaces.  Linear space suddenly changes into an expressive form, surging from the tea house then transforming into a tranquil space for the library and floor above.