President Obama Fights Back at Republican Jabs at his Energy Policy

Lately the Republican Party has had a much to say about the President and his take on clean energy, but much of its has been backed with no credibility or real solution to a pending future energy crisis.  The party has been sending out a barrage of misinformation  about rising oil prices, and global climate change.  Today, at Prince George's Community College in Maryland, the President announced that he was willing to fight for clean energy because he knows that is where the future is headed.

He starts out by pointing out how Republicans are wrong about his stance on opening new drilling leases on United States soil.  He reiterated that his administration is actively making sure production is high.  He also then warned that though his Republican counterparts talk tough on energy, they've got no statistics or plans to back up their lofty promises of $2.50 per gallon gasoline.  The President points out too that there is more oil being produced in America now than any time in the past eight years; and that we've only got 2% of the world's oil reserves.  Therefore how are we able to supply our own crude if we don't have that much of it?  The President believes we can't.

"They dismiss wind power. They dismiss solar power.  They make jokes about biofuels.  They were against raising fuel standards.  I guess they like gas-guzzlers.  They think thats good for our future.  We're trying to move toward the future; they want to be stuck in the past." he outlined.

The President signed off by praising the inventiveness of Americans, that we are innovators, builders, and creators.  Leaving on this positive note, President Obama made good on making sure American viewers are keeping a keen ear to what's being thrown around by both parties and reminding us all on the importance on fact checking.