Plantogon Builds First Greenhouse Skyscraper!

Scientist, Environmentalist, and Designers alike have been dreaming for decades of the day city skylines are decked out with gleaming towers of green, representing mankind's shift to a new age in Urban Agriculture.  Even though we have seen many urban farms sprout up in cities around the world, there hasn't been anything on the level of the "Farming Tower".   Last month Swedish-American company, Plantagon broke ground on one of a series of planned massive skyscraper greenhouses in Linkoping, Sweden with construction expected to take 12 to 16 months.  The "plantscraper" will grow and supply fresh vegetables while creating solutions to some of the most vexing city pollution issues.

Plantagon's sheer tower, which will showcase the plants growing inside will be called the International Center of Excellence for Urban Agriculture, and will be a place for scientist to test new technologies aimed at improving urban farming.  Inside, vegetables will be grown in pots and then transitioned to trays positioned around a giant central helix. The plants grow as the trays slowly migrate down the central core and are ready to be harvested once they reach the bottom.  Plant residue and manure will be collected along the way and transformed into biogas to run the heating and cooling systems of the greenhouse.  Scientists want the vertical farm to not only grow food but also help in developing sustainable solutions for energy, heat, waste, and water issues of daily city life.

Hopefully this is the start to a beautiful trend worldwide in constructing "Farming Towers", whether glass or solid concrete masses, the world needs a solution to global hunger and the pending consequences to global warming.