Lima Beach House I-5

Vertice Arquitectos designed a spectacular home perched atop a rocky and sandy  hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean at Lomas del Mar beach in Cerro Azul, south of Lima, Peru.  The half circle plot of land reaches 48 meters above sea level and drops steeply 8 meters at its lowest point.  The two main design goals were to exploit the best possible views to the ocean from the public social areas and the aster bedroom, and to make the most of the plot of land.  

To achieve the first objective two parallel volumes were designed, one leaning on the other 1.2 meters higher to obtain views of the sea. The volumes are joined by a main circulation axis ending in a swimming pool overlooking the beach.  the rest of the home is formed by large cantilevers positioned to achieve maximum square footage and optimal views of the surrounding landscape.  These volumes are found left of the entrance of the home where most of the bedrooms are located.  All of the rooms are inter connected in a open flowing plan with all social areas exposing each other in rhythmic form.

The materials used are exposed concrete covered with white paint, stainless steel, tempered glass and granite stone.  The pool is closed by a double faced laminated glass in the external face that permits the same transparency to a view of the sea as the rest of the house.  The homes large white abstract form beautifully contracts with the rocky brown landscape allowing it to be viewed from afar.