Cafe Bridge; Amsterdam

Laurent Saint Val designed a habitable pedestrian bridge that also accommodates a cafe/restaurant,  shops and other public amenities for a competition calling for new bridge ideas for Amsterdam.  Proposed for the year 2012, the wood and steel structure was designed to reach a maximum height of 24 meters distributing facilities on 4 floors.  Wood, an unlikely choice of material in modern day bridges was chosen to pay homage to the fires of 1421 and 1452 which caused the city to forbid the use of wood in construction.  Wood not only is pleasing aesthetically but is too sustainable, flexible and ecological.  Steel and aluminum will be used to provide greater strength and bear the weight of the bridge.

The gateway will be easily accessible by all and will create an attractive link between the museum and the neighborhoods promoting a cultural exchange.  The building is a site-sensitive form with an adjustable roof and facade able to optimize daylight and protect from the elements.  Adjacent to a bike shop, the project contains ample bike parking promoting this eco-friendly transportation method.