Sanya Block 5, China

NL Architects designed the winning concept for Sanya Block 5, a resort development located in the Hainan Province of China.  Sanya is well known for its tropical climate and is a popular tourist destination. The development consists of 8 blocks of 6 stories on top of a ground floor with restaurants, bars and retail.

The blocks are placed on a public deck, a new ground level that covers the basement with parking spaces and service.  Each block is built up from 15 individual units.  The development will also consist of four hotels with two story units introducing double height spaces and providing a spacious ambiance.  Half of the blocks will be facing street life and the other half fronting the surrounding landscape.

Each unit cluster is connected by a maze of circulation that branches out from the elevator core.  This intricate infrastructure forms a super-sized sculpture that stitches the blocks together.  The balconies of the double height rooms serve as an out-door living room, intimate but spacious.  The hotels feature a large triangular "flowerpot" for each room.  Together they create a rhythmic, dynamic pattern.  The lush greenery increases privacy, provides shade and cooling and aspires a natural atmosphere.