Massive Lego Chapel

If you think church is boring, try worshiping in a chapel made of huge legos, and equipped with a banging sound system and stage.  Thats what LOOS.FM did in 2011, they designed a temporary pavilion in the public space for the Grenswerk Festival in Enschede, The Netherlands.  A church was chosen because it is a community building where people come together.  In the same way that a lighthouse guards a border and bridges connect people, a church centers an area.

The pavilion called "Abondantus Gigantus" is made up of Legioblocks: concrete blocks that are very similar to the famous lego bricks.  The blocks are reminiscent of the toy-sized Legos while being the size of pyramid stones.  These Legioblocks are typically used in dumping grounds surrounding harbors, as well as iron scrap or for sheltering potatoes. Once a wall of Legioblocks has been placed, it usually remains there for years, even though they are easy and flexible to build with.  The Legioblocks are easily stacked and versatile in their use.

The concrete blocks are painted in 5 primary Lego colors and used indiscriminately to build the 65 foot spire and walls.  The blocks are stacked in a honeycomb brickwork.  Because the blocks are not stacked firmly together, a uniform perforation in the volume occurs.  This adds an extra dimension allowing sunlight to enter during the day and at night it emits an enchanting radiance.  Because of this the appearance of the object is continually changing.