Live, Walk, Play Like a Bug; Cicada

Marco Casagrande has designed an intricate and rather sturdy structure of bamboo that serves as a temporary public space in Taipei City, Taiwan for a site awaiting development.  Named Cicada, the structure serves as an organic void in the mechanical texture of modern Taipei, a cocoon for post-industrial metamorphosis for industrial insects. The architecture is based on the local knowledge of human scale flexible bamboo structures containing a high level of improvisation and insect mind- Open Form.

Cicada is situated on a site in central Taipei waiting for development.  Meanwhile it acts as a public sphere for the surrounding neighborhood as as a lounge for university workshops and other spontaneous activities- public space.  As you enter the Cicada, the surrounding city suddenly disappears. The cocoon is an interior space but totally outside- breathing, vibrating, soft and safe.  The space swallows the modern man, offering him a possibility to travel a thousand years back in order to realize, that things are the same. Cicada is insect architecture and the space is a public sphere. The cocoon of Cicada is an accidental mediator between the modern man and reality.