Elevated skyscraper in Hong Kong; Urbanplunger

The architecture studio Urbanplunger was recently awarded third prize in the international competition to design a Night Club Hotel in the dense city of Hong Kong.  They proposed a uniquely suspended building structure described as an "architectural parasite" due to the way in which it occupies the city.  The structure leans on neighboring buildings in order to elevate itself above the ground.

Because the building is lifted above street level, it allows for a beautiful public green square beneath the building that increases the area of the existing recreation zone.  Suspended elevators provide public direct access to the building amenities, serving as a primary infrastructure linking the building to the ground.

The amenities are organized throughout the building the three parts.  The lowest section consists of the nightclubs, while the midsection offers the public programs for both business and pleasure.  It is comprised of a business center, retail space, restaurant and a spa center with a semi-Olympic sized swimming pool, along with the lobby and security access for the hotel.  The upper portion is dedicated to the hotel.