The "Russian Silicon Valley"

The Skolkovo Innovation Center, dubbed "Russia's Silicon Valley", is a high-tech hub proposed to be built at Skolkovo near Moscow, Russia.  It is intended to concentrate international intellectual capital, thereby stimulating the development of break-through projects and technologies.  The complex will be within limits of New Ivanovo and Odintsovo townships, near the village of Skolkovo located in the eastern part of Moscow.

This new residential area is conceived to be a diversified community offering various housing types for various family sizes, incomes, and lifestyles, consisting of apartment houses and townhomes.  The complex, designed by Arch Group, is designed for temporary accommodation of the scientific elite shown in the apartment houses while the townhomes feature a multi-layered environment.

The residential clusters are situated in a unique ecological environment.  The architectural solution will not only provide comfortable accommodation for the residents but also form a creative environment that encourages people to communicate, exchange experiences, and help in the creative process.  The district from north to south is permeated with pedestrian lanes with "green corridors", which connect the cluster to the park and along which residential buildings are built.  The central square covers the transit road, protecting the houses from noise and dirt.

To avoid the feeling of a dense urban development, buildings are shaped as the natural landscape and green hills.  The slopes of the hills are green terraces, so even the buildings themselves are apart of the natural recreational space.  Facades and windows of the apartments are slightly turned toward the forest. All houses are connected by pedestrian paths on the second level between the lobbies, forming a single communicative space connecting all residences.

Trees and grass are planted on all the terraces and roofs of the houses, along with artificial nests for swifts located on the roofs, improving the areas environment and giving it a special atmosphere.  In the case of the townhomes a multi-layered environment links individual houses and terraces.  Within the small areas created by these connections are small squares with trees, fountains or children's playground. All homes are connected by pedestrian promenades on the third and fifth levels.  From the main road departs a network of internal passages.  Many streets and alleys form private courtyards and entrances adding to the intricate network or public and private spaces the creates this unique village atmosphere in a modern developmental society.