Landscape Fence

Vienna architects Heri&Salli conceive a cocoon like temple structure to surround the swimming pool of a private builder-owner in Austria. The adornment of mounted panels and interior constructions which are more or less depending on their function, the parametric organized spatial element describes possibilities of a usable and experienceable surface.

In an attempt to redefine an existing garden property with views of the lake, and simultaneously create provisions on views and develop a sense of privacy from surrounding properties and neighbors, the theme of the classic rustic fence was taken up.  In the simplest case a fence functions as protection or demarcation, a visualization of a line that wasn't visible before.  In this case the fence becomes- proceeding from a diagonal constructional arrangement-a possibility of space.  It doesn't demarcate the space, but creates it and renders it experienceable, the function as a demarcation slides into the background and is only a byproduct.

The objective of the opening element similar to a cocoon is to create different spatial qualities and experience space.  Partly covered, withdrawn and protected, then opening and finally in the middle or in the end in the water of the pool where you can swim out of it.  The curves convey a feeling of vastness and create in the interior of the house an optimal resonant behavior.  Different integrated constructions like stairs, seats, lying areas or a table with backrest and pool covering are in its definition in a geometrical relation with the original construction; emerging only to become part of the structure again.  The integrated panels follow a dynamic course from the orthogonal edge into the interior space, emerging from the center revealing itself from the inside to the outside.