Kanayama Community Center

Located at the foot of Kanayama Castle in Gunma, Japan, the Kanayama Museum and Community Center incorporates guidance facilities for this historic place and a workshop for local residents to learn handcraft and dyeing.  Because the site is divided by a 6m ridge, half of the building is built atop this ridge, joined by a community plaza.

The exterior wall is a thin and light screen, a transformation of the "stone wall" characterizes the historic site.  The pattern of the screen is derived from the two shapes the original stones were cut in.  The shapes were determined by the weight that can be carried by one person, developed in a regular pattern to gain a sense of lightness.  The ceiling of the interior is made of cement excelsior board and rectangular panels layered top and bottom and plastered in a pattern, showing varied degrees so that its fractionalization and spatial gaps would develop in three-dimension.  It is an attempt to link the material and the space by patterns.