G8's 2200 Amber Residence

G8's 2200 Amber residence is barely kissing the face of its completion date with only minor interior accessorizing, a splash of color paint on its wooded exterior and a touch of greenery left to install.  We said we'd have some healthy competition for the Kensington market, and here you have it, along with its Susquehanna cousin right next door.

2200's sleek modern, and quite modest design manages to give off a lot of flair while still maintaing the scale and character if its new Kensington digs.  The Energy Star rated home is prepared for a 3kw photovoltaic solar system, solar thermal water heating system, and sports cement board finish on the exterior.  the concrete base is insulated using concrete forms (ICF) manufactured by GreenBlock.  The ICF method reduces the building's carbon footprint by insulating the basement, allowing for more efficient heating and cooling of the home.  The walls and roof are sealed using closed cell spray foam insulation.  Double pained windows are used throughout, creating a climate resistant interior environment reducing energy costs.

On the interior, natural light penetrates the building through skylights and cut through floor openings, prolonging interior daylight hours and helping to reduce the use of artificial lighting.  Central floor through pier and operable skylights enable a natural flow of air through the entire volume of the building.    all finish materials are made from recycled, environmental friendly resources.  A rainwater collection system in the basement is also used for irrigation.