BTEK- Technology Interpretation Center

BTEK is an interpretation center for new technologies, aimed at student visitors located in Derio, Bizkaia, Spain.  The sites location on one of the highest points of the Vizcaya Technology park and close to the Bilbao airport's flight path for takeoffs and landings, helps with the aim of making the building a landmark in its landscape.

Project architect Gonzalo Carro set out to achieve these most important guidelines:

  • Create a very flexible a varied exhibition space, able to accommodate all types of exhibitions.
  • Installations should be highly energy efficient (geothermal systems for climate control) and that use renewable energy sources ( a building-integrated photovoltaic system connected to a 60kw network).
  • The geometry of the covering where the solar panels are integrated should be triangular-similar to the shape of Technology Park's logo.

The genius of its design is the way in which it juts out of the earth as natural rock or gems penetrate through the surface.  The continuous green surfaces camouflage the building in some areas, yet allowing it to have prominence in the landscape where the structure reveals itself.