Silent Lights Transform NYC Traffic Noise into Dancing Light Display

The city of New York has a vision to mask the dreariness and white noise of highway overpasses with a beautiful display of energy efficient LED light displays.  The interactive art piece is called Silent Light, and plans are to turn the Smith and 9th street area of Brooklyn into a dazzling light show.  The project repurposes the noisy traffic under the Brooklyn Queens Expressway, transforming it into an illuminated showcase of colorful lights.

Silent lights has already received a $5,000 grant from the NYC Department of Transportation, and is launching a kickstart campaign to cover the rest.  The vibrant project will turn the pedestrian pathway under the BQE at Hamilton Avenue and 9th Street into an ever-changing display of color.  The buzzing of passing cars, horns honking, engines revving and pedestrians voices would be picked up by microphones hidden around the intersection.  The noise would be processed by a computer that would be synced with the microphones.  Silent Lights would then transform the sounds into a visual display.  As noise increases, so does the intensity of the light.  The flow of traffic would choreograph the light's movement and vibrance.

Silent lights is also planning to introduce design and technology to local Brooklyn teams, in a collaboration with Control Group and Red Hook Initiative, and teach kids in the area how to make their own technical displays.