Netanya City Hall, Israel

The redesigned City Center by Yaniv Pardo Architects, in Netanya, Israel will be transformed into a vibrant and exciting destination, benefiting a large metropolis.  The new municipality building will act as the city's iconic landmark, catering to a number of uses by city residents from cultural, social, leisure, and commercial uses.

Through a delicate integration between existing city landmarks and the community's needs, the building will project accessibility and a general welcoming tone.  It will link the existing city landmarks, including the city square, public institutes and the shopping center, and will incorporate a large car park servicing the municipal building and surrounding establishments.  In order to facilitate outdoor events, conferences, receptions and youth events, a spacious square will be built outside of the municipal building, merging indoor and outdoor activities.

The tower, modeled after the city's chosen symbol, the weather vane will be made of three prisms reflecting a dynamic and vibrant feel, like a gust of wind coming up from the shore on a hot summer night.  The grid was planned so as to create identity an community through a communicative design that is also light and joyful.

The new municipal building is planned as an environmental space, with geothermal planting above public spaces, Mashrabiya windows, and high quality curtain walls providing isolation and solar control.