Incheon Tri-bowl

The Incheon Tri-bow was designed with the idea of designing against the general practices of traditional architecture.  It is composed of a curved floor with a flat roof instead of a curved roof of general architecture.  The hall is used for exhibitions and is designed to have a wide ceiling for use in exhibitions.  LED lamps, make up the ceiling, allowing for different information to be available on them at any time.  The structure floats on a rectangular reflection pond connected by a long bridge which allows patrons to enter underneath the mass.  The bridge continues inside the building and acts as the main circulation of the building.

The interior was finished with a transparent material and lightweight structure that supports the shell body.  The circulation is mapped out in the for of a continuous cubic curve.  There are several rooms for exhibition, performance and office space.  The exhibition and performance spaces can hold up to 400 people, with floors free of space due to hanging exhibits from the ceiling.  The exterior is finished with exposed concrete on the lower part of the shell while the upper portion is finished with aluminum panels.