Hungarian Autoklub

The Hungarian Autoklub stands alone as an iconic work of art in its sub-urban setting in the Ujpest district of Budapest, Hungary.  Vikár & lukács Architects Studio won the commission for this project from a competition for a new iconic headquarters of the Hungarian Autoklub.

The main gesture of the building is a ribbon that wraps around seven levels of office space, while articulating the letter "a".  As the site id located near the Danube Bridge, local politicians appreciated having a building that works as a point of orientation for drivers that arrive to the Ujpest district.

The main hall and service functions are found on the ground floor, while at the very top, under the arc is a rooftop terrace for representative meetings.  The looping strip is about 1 meter thick, and changes in width and deforms as it articulates the loop.  The building materials are metal cladding for the loop, and a glass curtain wall of the wrapped building volume.  The building uses a geothermal energy system to free the rooftop of technical devices.