Genoa Seaport Mall; Ponte Parodi

UNStudio's Ponte Parodi will be recognized at the MAPIC in Cannes as one of the most iconic waterfront developments currently being considered for development.  The harbor project is part of a larger vision to revitalize the entire waterfront area, and merge the local urban and economic fabric to create a point of interest for Genoa's varied waterfront users.   The juxtaposition of varied circulation typologies creates an innovative extension for the city center which not only organizes to position of the program, but also optimizes pedestrian flows within and atop the building.

The proposal emphasizes that the urban intervention must establish connections between the different harbor districts in its proximity, and add programmed spaces that complement the existing infrastructure.

The projects has the opportunity to become a central meeting point for the various users from connecting neighborhoods such as the commercial harbor, the Porto Antico and the historical Center.  The 130,000 square meters of open space will serve the Genoese inhabitants and students from neighboring universities, and also cruise travelers and visiting tourists.

The project will include retail, caf├ęs and restaurants, wellness facilities, a cruise terminal, cultural programs and a rooftop public park with an amphitheater and botanical features.  The program takes advantage of public interest in the harbor and extends the program to benefit the existing activities.  By creating a new type of network with multi-dimensional opportunities contained within a single site offers a new experience to the harbor culture.  This innovative take of pier redevelopment can offer inspiration to cites around the world with similar situations.