Cocoon Weather Tower

The Oscar-von-Miller Tower designed by Deubzer Konig + Rimmel Architekten in Garching, Germany is a weather tower loaded with the most sophisticated technology and decked out with a sleek modern design, a bit modest but intricate at the same time.  The building is reminiscent of a right side up caterpillars cocoon waiting to burst with life.  The metal exterior mesh allows it to glow reflecting sunlight in the day and appear transparent emitting energy from within at night.

The Tower has its oval ground plan aligned in east-west direction; two cubic bodies are inserted into the building from the south with the entrance on the ground floor with its two large sliding doors.  Above the entrance is a measuring box used by meteorologist to evaluate the data gathered by the tower.

The weather tower consist of horizontally stacked glass rings, which are staggered by measurement levels (5, 10, 20, 35m) with four booms pointing north, south, east, and west.  The top measurement level is arranged vertically as a single measurement point.  The instruments are fastened to the booms on sledges, so that they can be pulled inside the tower for maintenance and testing.

The Tower monitors many weather elements, wind and temperature are the main priority..  In addition to that, all measurements relevant to climatology and teaching are collected, including rainfall, air pressure, radiation, temperature, moisture levels, solar intensity and wind speed.  It is not intended for public use.  Temporary guided tours and courses are planned for the future of the facility.