World's First Backup City

It is a known fact that natural disasters are a constant threat to Tokyo and the island of Japan of over 127 million residents.  Disaster come with a heavy price tag in the densely populated country, and like most regions around the world, its general population lives in disaster prone areas. Over the past few years the Japanese government has been planning a backup plan of mega proportions.

The government has revealed a radical plan to construct a standby city for Tokyo.  The Integreated Resort, Tourism, Business and "Backup City", known as IRTBBC, will provide backup to the metropolis in an event of an immobilizing earthquake.

IRTBBC will incorporate all vital functions of government, with duplicate facilities for parliament and ministries. Office complexes, resort facilities, casinos, parks, and the tallest tower in the world at 652 meters, will employ 50,000 IRTBBC residents and over 150,000 workers from the nearby city of Osaka.  The government is considering the existing 1236 acre site of the Itami Airport, located approximately 300 miles west of Tokyo.

The idea summed up by ruling Democratic Party member, Hajime Ishii, is to have a backup generator for the functions of the nation.