Urban Green Belts by Off Architecture

Off Architecture, has proposed a series of low rise apartment complexes that becomes virtual urban green belts in Anglet, France.  The design is for two developments with differing egress and layouts.  Conventional in design, standing two to four stories tall with standard floor plans and patios, the buildings are set on a tiered landscape and follow the ground, stepping down a floor at a time.

Site One stands at its tallest four stories with a passage at the ground floor in the middle of the complex, allowing access to the inner courtyards.  Parking is tucked under along the length of the project eliminating adjacent hardscapes.  Site two is a low set series of apartments placed on a slope with individual walkouts above the next unit.

The site is surrounded and embedded in extreme green space, with extensive green roofs, inextensive green patios and hardscape at the base and throughout the public connectors.  the flora is so intense that the projects have the quality of an abandoned space in which nature has reclaimed.  Deer and sheep appear in renderings on the wooded grounds, to show as though the city has dissolved onto a nature/bourg hybrid.  A sort of urban back to earth movement enshrined in the built environment.