Roller Coaster or Bridge?

A gigantic swirling sculpture takes visitors, onlookers, and admires on a twisting, sloping, adrenaline pumping journey down steel pipes and stair tracks.  Shooting you to dizzying heights and bringing you back to earth with gentle slopes and turns.  It may not physically get your adrenaline going but the mere sight of it gets my blood pumping! Sculptors Ulrich Genth and Heike Mutter are responsible for this amazing addition to the German capital of culture.

The thrill-ride inspired walkway is an exciting and in other words crazy attraction recently unveiled for the city of Dulsberg. Taking 8 weeks to assemble, the massive steel sculpture measures 11 meters high and provides panoramic views out to the surrounding landscape.  Combining art, folly, and fun, the sculpture is an interactive way for visitors to explore the German countryside.  The park also respects its industrial roots, as the structure is located atop a former zinc production site and the looping construction is itself sculpted from steel and zinc.

This fantastic display of public art successfully keeps the visitor engaged at all times physically and visually, achieving a perfect balance in public engagement.