Oshikamo House, Tokyo

Designers of Katsutoshi + Associates set out to design a residence with nonexistent spatial constraints. A space where you can grasp the entire space visually if the entire space is visible.  Where you can let your consciousness develop the space if not all is visible, like walking on a path unsure of what's ahead.

The request from the home owners for this project was for a house that encourages the family to spend time together (rather than isolate anyone), spatial, and bright with plenty of natural light.  To carry out these request, the family space is arranged at the center of the site.  The private space is arranged at the edge of the site, and they connect gradually by the one volume.  The distance between bedrooms along with curved spaces provides adequate privacy.  Each room is indistinctly connected to each other via central space.

The indistinct connection is the key concept of this house, expressing the spatial relationship without obstructing barriers among the rooms. "What interests us is how rooms connect to each other, more than how a room is made.  What interests us is the "air" that curves, and diffracts, like a cloud constantly moving without having definite shape."