Nanjing Jianning High Rise Complex

W2Y2L has designed a high rise complex in China's Xiaguan District that encompasses a variety of uses from entertainment, sports, commercial and office.  The project is faced with the challenge of merging a massive complex into the existing circumstances and achieving seamless transitional connections with the landscape.

The distribution of architectural volumes in the design follows the idea of traditional Chinese Gardens, which transforms the elements of water, stones, hill, bridges and flowers into significant urban shapes animating and vitalizing the daily life of the entire district.

The site is on the south side of Jianning Road in an area which is traditional and historical, meanwhile modern in function and surrounded by beautifully landscaped scenery.  The natural landscape  is what drives the overall concept of the project by positioning the architectural components like precious objects into an urban Chinese garden.  The proposal lifts up the ground surface and transforms it into a flexible and lively vertical high rise with landscape integrating the service and leisure facilities to provide an attractive and continuously active support for this traditional and cultural site.

The building integrates itself into the urban setting by carefully providing unique public experiences, access, and amenities on the ground level, through entry foyers, plazas, an outdoor video stadium, and multiple green roofs that help to transition the large building masses into the landscape. The exterior of the buildings are lined with a local vegetative skin distributed alongside the surface of the lower buildings and is met by active solar panels that climb the two twisting towers.  These qualities make for a truly integrative complex that speaks well to the human experience and respects nature and the environment.