Museo Soumaya

The Museo Soumaya, with its bold and commanding presence, is a beacon of beauty continuing drive Mexico City's recognition for having distinguished architectural gems.  The museum plays a key role in the reconversion of a former industrial zone into a preeminent cultural program.  It acts as an initiator in the transformation of the urban perception.  Its institutional status activates the public space with functionalities other than commercial and grants the new neighborhood the urban intensity it requires.

The Soumaya Museum was conceived as a sculptural building that is both unique and contemporary.  Its avant-garde morphology and typology define a new paradigm in the history of Mexican International Architecture.  The museum holds the second largest collection of Rodin sculptures in the world, several authors of Medieval and Renaissance art, as well as impressionist painters.

The collection is housed in a continuous exhibition space spread over six levels, representing approximately 6,000 m2.  The building also includes and auditorium for 350 people, library, offices, a restaurant, a gift shop, and a multi-purpose gathering lounge.

The shell of the building is constructed with 28 steel curved columns of different diameters, each with its own geometry and shape, offering visitors a soft non-linear circulation throughout the building.  Located at each floor level, seven ring beams provide a system that braces the structure and guarantees its stability.  The facade is made of hexagonal aluminum modules that optimize the preservation and durability of the entire building.

LAR@SOUMAYA from onnis luque on Vimeo.