Eco Mono-Rail to Boost Tourism in The Ukraine

ZA Architects proposes a economic boosting public service project that they say will become the framework for further development of human activity in the exclusion zone around Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine.  The backbone of the project is a mono-rail road with 4 stations, each with its own unique function.  This environmentally-friendly and profitable railroad will cater to the tourist and industrial needs and can be implemented in several stages.

In the first stage, two 4-carriage trains for 176 passengers will be introduced.  The road will be located 4-6 meters above the ground, providing a great view, reducing noise levels and allowing animals to cross the territory freely.  Old objects located in the area are regarded as tourist attractions.  In the western less forested part of the zone there will be a wind power station.  the glazed facades are equipped with blinds covered with a thick layer of metal protecting people from radioactive exposure and excessive sun radiation.

The project faces some opposition with many people having an negative idea about the exclusion zone around Chernobyl nuclear power plant, although most of the territory does not pose any radioactive hazard.  Currently the territory is practically uninhabited, with the exception of a few scientist, people who refused to leave their homes, and tourists.  The design proposal focuses on the Ukranian part of the territory, development of industry, environment protection, and as a consequence- attraction of investment.  The bulk of attention is focused on Tourist infrastructure; extreme, industrial, ecological, game tourism, and photo-safari.

Stations can change in form and size in the process of construction, as their structural elements are interchangeable.  The platform is located on the second level.  Entering the station trains are washed and dried in the decontamination zone.  The space between the platforms accommodates vertical communications and interactive touch- boxes for booking guided tours.  The first level contains emergency shower cabins and a decontamination zone where visitors discard polluted clothes are receive clean ones.  the 3rd level houses entertainment and catering facilities, the 4th offices, and the 5th residential units.  The stations are viewed to be the starting point for further economic and urban development.

The aim of the project is to attract public attention to the phenomenon Chernobyl exclusion zone.  The designed objects are located outside of the area of radioactive contamination.  The proposed solutions will transform the abandoned territory which is now financed at the expense of the taxpayers into a prosperous tourist destination which is beneficial for society and profitable for the state.