G8 Update; 2200 Amber

G8's 2200 Amber is inching closer and closer to its Kensington debut.  Framing is up, electrical and plumbing are in, windows and doors a sealed, walls are sheet rocked and sanded, and the exterior cement board is pretty much complete.  Give her just a few more months and she'll be ready for move in.  This is exciting news for us at G8, a small development firm making a big statement and hopefully positively impacting the development of its community.  Further good news is the sale of its neighbor 2061 E. Susquehanna.  Another G8 gem, not even a day on the shelf, the home was snatched up straight off the delivery truck. This amazing rehab has taken Philadelphia row-homes to another level.  Open and unorthodox floor plans are in and G8 is the Way-To-Go!