BOOM – Spain's Sustainable LGBT Community

When you think of segregated living communities in todays world, generally what comes to mind first and living communities for the mature 50 and over age group or for people with disabilities.  Well, add one more to that list, The LGBT community.  A new sustainable living community slated for a Fall 2014 opening is being developed by BOOM, Inc. located outside of Malaga, Spain in Costa del Sol.  Costa del Sol overlooks beautiful Lake Vinuela and includes a mix of private homes, lofts and apartments.  Boom also has plans for communities in Palm Springs and New York!

This secure community features a state-of-the-art health and sports center, entertainment facilities and cafes.  Residents can live in one of 72 homes, 38 lofts of 40 apartment spaces, and 12 town homes designed to fit every budget.

BOOM invited 16 architects to design the varying spaces to create a community with architectural diversity.  To unify the buildings, BOOM enforced one model– the homes were to be based on 10x10 aggregate cubes.  This gives Costa del Sol a consistency and design that meshes with the neighboring historic coastal towns.

BOOM plans for the entire complex to be LEED certified; with water efficiency, a reduction of energy and CO2 emissions, making its neighborhoods sustainable and eco friendly places to live.  The living areas ares laced with lush vegetation and olive and almond groves lining common spaces.  Photovoltaic panels offset the complex's energy use, maximizing use of the local climate which receives 350 bright and sunny days a year.  The community also features natural and sustainable building materials, passive cooling techniques, and access to public transportation.

Location: Costa del Sol, Malaga, Spain

Size: 5 Hectares (12.3 acres)

Design Team: Architensions, Dosmasuno, Nigel Coates, L2 Tsionov- Vitkon, Limon Lab, HWKN, Escher GuneWardena, Messana O'Rorke, Rudin Donner, Surfacedesign as Landscape Architects

Contact: info@boomforlife.com
Status: Expected Completion Fall 2014