Zaha Hadid: Form In Motion

Zaha Hadid: Form in Motion is now exhibited at the Philadelphia Museum of Art through March 25th.  The exhibit highlights the architects product design within a unique atmosphere. This celebrated first female Pritzker Prize winning architect has developed an undulating structure of finished polystyrene with vinyl graphics to display furniture, footwear, and her Z-Car I.

"Hadid envisions the gallery as an active element in the display of her own designs, and will create an immersive three-dimensional environment," said Kathryn Bloom Hiesinger, Curator of European Decorative Arts after 1700.  "She is interested in the interface between architecture, landscape, and geology, and explores the intersection of these elements with a spatial composition that ebbs and flows in wave-like movements, manipulating the viewer's understanding of space with constantly shifting perspectives."

Combining architecture and design, Zaha Hadid: Form in Motion will display an environment of an undulating structure of finished polystyrene with vinyl graphics based on curvilinear geometries.  Exploiting a formal language of fluid movement, Hadid's exhibition design emphasizes the continuous nature of her work, and how the fields of architecture, urbanism, and design are closely interrelated in her practice.