Tower Town or Emerald City?

In response to a request for participants to design an iconic skyscraper by the Taiwan Tower competition in Taichung, Visiondivision presented a cluster of over 100 slender towers that challenge the expected experiences within and aesthetics of a 21st century tower.  Tower Town, a result of examining the traditional skyscraper and questioning its spatial offerings, creates a dense urban environment with its fragmented massing.

This massive formation of towers will create an experience that vastly differs from the single skyscraper.  The 100+ skyscrapers will form a network on the ground level of narrow streets with different vertical views, and in the sky, with different observation decks for communication purposes.  The designers wanted to make a truly unique experience for anyone visiting, working in or living in the new tower.  Their solution was to separate the building into over a hundred sleek towers, making the complex into a more highly interactive and intimate city district than into one large building mass that has little or no interaction with its users.

"The sensation seeking of a high solitaire object has been the predominant show-off for the last century where the height has been limited to a combination of building techniques and money.  The tall lone building has been done so many times before. Regardless of tweaks, swirling, punctuation, or cladding with new materials, the buildings will more or less be the same.  To make new world wonders, new typologies must be found, making architecture and spatial experience once again the main key to success," stated the architects.