Rehabilitating Architecture

Rehabilitation and architecture, unfamiliar to some but an awesome combination when executed properly.  Building psychology and the healing power of spacial concepts and relationships has been apart of the built environment for centuries.  This is why it comes as no surprise that designers, Team CLS, headed by award winning UK Architect Darren Chan are proposing a building concept the heals the "body, mind and spirit".  The "Helios Rehab Sanctuary" innovates in application of sustainable technologies to create a new and exciting typology.

Within the tower occupants are treated with supported clean peaceful living.  The tower, vertically zoned, focuses on healing the BODY (lower), MIND (mid-section) and SPIRIT (high).  Designer believe that future sustainable cities should not only focus on the economy of resources but also the health of the people.  Diminished portions of the community briefly "escape" pressured living to rehabilitate within the tower and ultimately release back into society.  Sufferers are included in sympathetic micro-communities living in specialized environments whilst contributing to society.

Occupants acre connected to their pods via green ramps surrounding central functions.  The "hexa-skin" and pod shells incorporate air pollution cleansing (Titanium Dioxide) integrated white panels which also reflect light onto the solyndra Solar rod arrays encasing the kinetic pods.  The Solyndra capture direct, diffused and reflected sunlight across 360-degree photovoltaic surfaces.  Depending on climatic variation, it opens promoting cooling and the rod-system induces ventilation and views, it closes for protection, insulation and energy saving.  Allowing its users to rejuvenate and support a healthy society, the shimmering tower acts as a beacon of hope to its parent city; a vertical rehab sanctuary.