Carbon Negative Concrete

Material ConneXion, a global materials consultancy, awarded Material of the Year tmo London- based company Novacem's "carbon negative" cement.  This new construction material is slated to change the world of concrete when it hits the market in 2014.

The material functions much like commonly used Portland cement, boasting the same level of performance and the same average cost, however Novacem's concrete mixture uses magnesium silicate instead of calcium carbonates.  Despite the chemistry jargon, the concept is quite simple: the creation of magnesium carbonates from magnesium silicates absorbs carbon dioxide, therefore making the production process carbon negative.  Furthermore, the production process of Novacem's concrete is low-energy, allowing it to be sustained on biomass fuels.

According to Material ConneXion, concrete constitutes the greatest amount of manmade material on the planet.  With the simple change of ingredients, Novacem's concrete will change a means of construction that has become elemental to our built environment from a process that contributes to 5% of humanity's carbon footprint to one that has a negative carbon footprint. This carbon negative cement reduces carbon emissions of poured concrete from 800Kg emitted per ton to 50kg absorbed per ton. The outcome of this innovation is far- reaching, offering new breakthrough in sustainable construction.