Beirut Residential Tower

In Beirut, Lebanon designers of Accent Design Group creatively worked around typical sight restraints faced when building in an urban environment.  Given the possibility of having future buildings go up on two sides of the site, designers created a building that offered priceless views to all residents as well as providing a clean and aesthetic design that speaks for itself, borrowing from the historic fabric and throwing in a bit of ingenuity and sustainable practices.

The tower stands adjacent to a central transportation artery for the city of Beirut, and is situated at the nexus of two urban fabrics.  The design addresses issues of scale, unit diversity, views and zoning regulations.  The building rises as stackable glass boxes are positioned to maximize buildable area, as well as provide comfort and access to the outdoors for all residents.

Cantilevering balconies and terraces pay homage to the old urban fabric while creating a vertical neighborhood rich with panoramic views of the downtown, the city and the sea.  Shading louvers provide relief from abundant east and west sunlight while creating zones of outdoor privacy and facilitating a green screen.