An Alternative Way to Country Living

The European based Solo Houses concept is enough to make anyone rethink the notion of living with nature.  At Solo Houses you aren't just living in a country cabin or lake house, you are living in art, unique vacation homes designed by some of the most exciting architects of today's young international guard, including Pezo Von Ellrichshausen Architects, Mos Office, Didier Faustino, Sou Fujimoto, Studio Mumbai, and TNA.

Solo Houses gives each architect a Carte blanche, allowing for an exceptional opportunity for them to freely express their creativity with budget as the only set limit.  They have nurtured a situation far from the classical architect/ sponsor relationship, with projects that are closer to a commission than to a real estate promotion.  The first Solo Houses collection is being built in the Matarrana region of southern Catalonia, the up and coming Spanish Tuscany located 40 minutes from the seaside.  Independent in water and electricity access, the houses are set within lusciously green surroundings, and have only nature within sight.

The work at Solo Houses opens up new innovative perspectives for tomorrow's home.  They integrate the latest existing technologies for responsible construction methods and materials, and aim for an optimal use of the available resources, so as to build houses that are as autonomous as possible, offering solid ethical foundations, and a profound sensitivity to their natural environment.