Philly's First Green Roof Bus Shelter

As an initiative to promote storm water runoff prevention methods in public and private places, the Philadelphia Water Department constructed a demonstration Green Roof Bus Shelter located across from City Hall, at a highly visible and busy intersection of 15th and Market.

Most green roofs are out of sight and mind to most pedestrians, but the City of Philadelphia is aimed at making sustainability more visible than ever, and to a larger demographic of its residents.  The Philadelphia Water Department's green roof bus shelter gives people on the street a chance to see and experience green roofs.  Green roofs offer many benefits; they help to ease the summer heat island effect and reduce the amount of rainwater run off and slow the flow of water to storm drains, relieving pressure on our sewer systems, which can lead to flooding and overflows into our rivers. Hence, this also reduces the pollution and flooding that impacts our streams and rivers.

Green Roof Bus Shelter at 15th and Market

Green roofs are just one of many green infrastructure tools PWD is using to transform the health of our city and our waters.  The goal of this project is to inspire individuals to take on their own green storm-water management project at home and in their community.  Visit this link to find out what you can do with the PWD's online guide to green storm-water tools.

Check out this more in depth video from the PWD on storm water management in Philadelphia!!

Green City, Clean Waters from GreenTreks Network on Vimeo.

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