New Organic Underdog Serves Up A Twist in the Grocery Market Industry

Watch out Whole Foods, In.grediaents is spicing things up with a self packaging, open market programing for those health conscious shoppers!  "The Revolution Begins", the food revolution that is, although technically it's already begun and well on its way, but leave it to In.gredients to open as the fnirst package-free and zero waste grocery store in the United States.

In Austin, Texas, home to the Health food supergiant Whole Foods, a group of local entrepreneurs is daring enough to serve up some healthy competition.  The new store In.gredients will also specialize in local and organic ingredients, but with a catch..... "package-free and zero waste".  Shoppers will be encouraged to bring their own containers to pack up items like, grains, oils, and dairy.  If a shopper doesn't have his own container, the store will provide compost-able ones.  Unhealthy, over-packaged junk will be replaced with local organic, and natural foods, as well as serve as a community center with cooking classes, gardening workshops, and art shows on the side.  C0-founder Christian Lane said in a press release, "Americans add 570 million pounds of food packaging to their landfills each day, while pre-packaged foods force consumers to buy more than they need.  27 percent of food brought into U.S. kitchens ends up getting tossed out".

In.gredients's founders hope to open the grocery store in East Austin this Fall.