G8 Updates!! 2200 & 2400 Amber, 2061 E. Susquehanna

Progression not recession is what I say is going on in the 19125! G8 is swiftly breezing through the construction and renovation of its most recent projects in New Kensington; 2200 Amber 2400 Amber and 2061 E. Susquehanna.  The amber street residences are stuccoed out and waiting for cement board installation, drywall is up, plumbing and electrical are in, the homes should be ready for finishing touches in a few weeks.  2061 Susquehanna is looking pretty handsome! Give it a clean shave and a splash of the good stuff and you're ready for occupancy!   The Bamboo out front is a nice touch too, a neat alternative to the usual street tree.  These buildings, once complete, will compliment the existing and new developments respectively, solidifying the evolving character of architecture for this up and coming zip.

2200 Amber

2400 Amber

2061 E. Susquehanna