Walk/Bike/Run With Sustainable 19125

At the beginning of this Awesome Month of May, Sustainable 19125 kicked off its 2011 Walk/Bike/Ride campaign, coinciding with National Bike Month.  Sustainable 19125's ultimate goal is to urge city-dwellers to ditch our gas guzzling automobiles and opt for greener modes of transportation.  Making a small difference is what this campaign is focused on. What decisions can we make that will help lower our carbon footprint?  Sustainable 19125 is on a green mission and they need our help!

Last Saturday, May 7th the organization spear headed guerilla-style efforts to raise awareness about alternative modes of transit by pasting signs around the neighborhood to promote walking, biking, and public transportation.  One flyer read; In one year, riding a bike versus owning and driving a car will save an additional $8,000.  Save yourself some money while you save the Earth.

National Bike to Work Day is on Friday, May 20th.  Join in on the bike course which starts at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and ends at City hall.