GSI Tower in Cancun

The GSI Tower designed by Sanzpont Arquitectura, is a mixed-use development complete with a shopping mall, offices, and a hotel.  The stunningly bold 20 story double-tiered tower caters to the nature lovers of the world sporting fantastic views of a lush forest and adjacent golf course, and the Caribbean Sea beyond. The energy-efficient building uses passive design techniques and special materials for the eastern and western facades.  The designers were set on creating a transparent urban environment full of air and light.

The western facade is built with alucobond in the form of fish scales in order to circulate air and light between the horizontal louvers. The eastern facade is comprised of serigraph, sandblasted and transparent glass which block excess solar gain without disturbing the incredible views.  The double-tiered tower is connected by two high bridges that are also habitable, allowing for a fun bending shape and solar shading. Flora has been incorporated throughout the building, creating a fluid extension of the natural surroundings at the bottom level and a pleasant urban roof.