Talk About Interactive Housing!

Amsterdam Based architect firm Arons En Gelauff Architecten have designed a dormitory that focuses on social interaction, livability, sustainability and recreation.  Its not just cool architecture, its architecture that works and speaks to its occupants.  The firm designed two student housing buildings for the University of Twente.  A 3 story building with a central courtyard that acts as the social nucleus of the building containing all entrances and access points, and a tower with an amazing climbing wall on the north-west elevation.

The 3 story building, named Calslaan was built on an existing parking lot next to a dense woods adjacent to the campus.  The buildings exterior maintains a serene composition to mirror the peacefulness of the woods, in contrast to the busy and informal interior that contains entrances to the dwellings, round bicycle sheds, the stairs and access ramps.  The communal space is spread over three layers ending in a communal roof terrace.

The Tower, named Campagneplein also sits on a former parking lot.  The nine story building sits adjacent to the sports field and the main boulevard that intersects the complex.  The building  addresses the small scale character of the street with two building layers, a supermarket and hair salon.  on the first floor, the dwellings are situated around a communal roof terrace, and the facade facing the sports center features a 9 story climbing wall, one of the coolest things about this project.