Schwarzenegger Rallies For United Governments On Climate

Since the failed attempt at a global climate-change treaty, California has been exploring other alternatives to reduce greenhouse gases. Governor Arnold Swarzenegger is pushing state and regional governments around the world to act, stating the effort must be led locally in the absence of national and international momentum.  At his third and final California climate summit at the University of California, Davis, the governor enthusiastically encouraged unity in ushering in a new era of building a cleaner and brighter, more prosperous future to over 1,500 attendees from more than 80 countries.

Schwarzenegger is hoping states and provinces from more than 20 countries will launch a program being considered by the united Nations to secure financing for carbon-cutting projects in industrialized and developing nations. Talks leading up to a U.N. climate summit in Mexico already have divided rich and developing nations over the issue of intellectual property rights, compromising the possibility of making any binding cuts in greenhouse gases.  In the U.S., instead of pursuing legislation that would cap emissions through a carbon market, the Obama Administration intends to bypass Congress and regulate greenhouse gases directly through federal agencies.

Schwarzenegger said the failure at the federal and international levels should not discourage local governments from adopting their own policies on climate change.  The governor pointed out that the "green revolution" is happening at the local level in places like Africa, Australia, China, Norway, and the U.S.  There is great promise for this level of commitment with California and other States and leaders of Provinces in Morocco and France moving forward with their own nonprofit financing programs.  This could create the motivation and reality that climate solutions are real.

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