Worlds Greenest Skyscraper

A year after it opened its doors, New York's One Bryant Park Tower, A.K.A. Bank Of America Tower, has just recently achieved LEED Platinum certification making it the worlds first office tower to reach the USGBC's highest rating.  Designed by Cook+Fox Architects, the building has set a historic president for sustainable tower design by being the largest of any skyscraper to reach LEED Platinum.  The new building employs a system of rain water catchment and reuse, greywater recycling, energy efficient building systems, and high performance glass which maximizes day-lightning and minimizes solar heat gain and loss.  The biggest asset is the 4.6-megawatt cogeneration plant, which provides a clean and efficient power source for the buildings energy, significantly reducing its reliance on the NYC grid.  The building also has an air purification system that filters intake and output air through the building, and a cooling system that produces ice during off peak hours and uses the ice phase transition to help cool the building during peak load.

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