Sky Parks: A Vertical Solution To Open Space

Imagine, standing alongside the many notable buildings that define our city skylines, towering edifices of plant and animal life creating a network of air filtering machines scattered throughout the city.  These structures are the parks of the future.  As open green space in urban centers continues to become more and more scarce as urban populations continue to soar, vertical parks will have to fill the void of much needed "breathing room".

The Vertical Park for New York City is a project submitted for the eVolo Annual Skyscraper Competition.  Designed by Remigiusz Brodzinski, Agnieszka Lepecka, Pawel Pawlowski, Michal Stys, and Monika Tutaj-Wojnowska, the vertical parks were designed to be places for dreaming, playing, and breathing.  A peaceful place where in the middle of the hectic city on the 22nd floor you can listen to birds chirping, leaves rustling, lye on the grass and hear your heart beat.  the vertical park is a new urban typology which would emerge in several places throughout the monotonous network of city blocks.  Any city in the world lacking green space with an abundance of asphalt streets and concrete blocks would be an ideal location for vertical parks.  where there is no place at ground level, they would anchor on tops of buildings and rise into the sky.   The height of the park would depend on the population density of its surrounding neighborhoods.  The park is thought to enrich the modern city environment reintroducing nature into a heavily developed world.  It is an ecosystem in symbiosis with the city infrastructure.

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