Elevated High-Speed Bus??

A revolutionary concept in mass transit may soon be heading to the streets.  A bold design by Shenzhen Hashi Future Parking equipment Co. consists of an electric powered traffic straddling bus, two lanes wide that can hold anywhere from 1200 to 1400 passengers.  Inspired by China's massive traffic jams, one in August that was 60 miles long and lasted for 9 days, China's engineer Song Yuozhou developed a concept to put an end to Beijing's traffic misery.  The elevated High Speed Bus combines the merits of bus rapid transit and subway.  The bus has zero gas emissions and largely consumes electrical power supplemented by solar energy gathered from roof top panels on the bus and stations.  Using radar technology the bus can signal cars if they are too close to its wheels and signals trucks to detour if they are too large to pass underneath.  China plans to test the bus on a 200 mile long road on the outskirts of Beijing in the near future.  Designers believe the bus will be a successful solution for congested cities all over the world.
There are talks about bringing the technology to the US. Youzhou formed a company (US. Elevated High-Speed Bus) to develop the bus system in America.  However this may take a due to a lack of manufactures.

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