Parallelograms Trapezoids and Triangles

The New Wan Lin Hu Hotel in Huizhou China is a tasteful and exciting use of built and natural geometries.  The hotel and club house, built by Ztudio Architects, are the central public space and gathering center for the Wan Lin Hu residential community.  The main tower, an iconic, graphic, and visual symbol for this community can often be compared from certain angles and approaches to a building in Hoo Ville.  This is not an insult, just an admiration of the creativity and relate-ability of the design.  The geometries of the built structure cohesively form a relationship with the altered and built landscape, gracefully gliding down sky-lit dunes, bending walkways and still lilly ponds.  The glass curtain wall itself is an interesting feature, giving the illusion of layers of rectangular fish scales coating the bent surfaces of the tower.

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