G8 and Sukkah City 2010

Sukkah City 2010 was unveiled Monday in Union Square, New York. With over 500 submissions only twelve were chosen by a panel of celebrated architects, designers, and critics to build their structures for public viewing from September 19-20.  Out of the twelve one will be chosen by New Yorkers to stand throughout the week-long festival of Sukkot as the peoples choice Sukkah of New York City.  Our very own G8 was one of the many entrants to this highly anticipated yearly celebration.

While traditionally sukkahs are temporary structures built to bring people together in celebration, G8's Sukkah design represents a greater coming together, and hopefully a more permanent one.  The walls and ceiling are created by rows of four-sided rectangular frames.  Each frame is wrapped in a flag representing countries of the world where Jewish people celebrate the Sukkah tradition, as well as organizations and communities that make up the multi-national city of New York.
The row of frames creates the walls, ceiling, and base for the floor through a combination of solid and void space. As you enter, the even spacing between frames reveals glimpses of the outside world as your view within changes and shifts with the images of the flags.  The continuity of spacing draws your eyes upward to reveal the "schach", made of traditional palm tree branches.  The repetition suggest a continuation of structure, space, and tradition. The collective frames represent the unified existence these groups represented in the sukkah.

The uncovered part of the floor the "non-ending" row gives the possibility of adding additional frames, more groups.  The elevated frames further displays the frames and provokes a feeling of leaving one world and entering another that is more harmonious and peaceful.
This contemporary design adheres to tradition, but broadens the concept of family and guests celebrating under the sukkah, to a family of nations coming together in Union Square Park to continue the tradition in a new colorful way.

Visit sukkahcity.com to view the winners and other entrants.

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