Embassy of Drowned Nations

This particular project is the Global Solutions first prize winner of Sea Change 2030+, An International Urban Sea Level Rise Ideas Competition for Sydney Harbor.  The Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) invited individuals and teams to showcase innovative ideas for planning, designing, and managing for adaptation to urban sea level rise.  The Embassy of Drowned Nations is a proposal by the Sydney-based landscape architecture office Oculus.
An Ellis Island of the future, this amazing project reaches out to the thousands of displaced refugees of sea ravaged Asian- Pacific Nations.  This bold venture extends a hand of connection and friendship by providing a meeting place and forum for adapting to climate change. The idea of the Embassy of Drowned Nations is much more than a lament for a lost past, it's an iconic engagement in a brighter future through building a world-class place for welcoming and regenerating the spirit of human adaption to global warming.  Apart from temporary housing, the embassy will also host a research and cultural center devoted to climate change.

Designers: Bob Earl, Shahreen Alford, Simon Bond, Liam Butt, Katie Cooper, Daniel Firns, Ali Gaunt, Rosie Krauss, Ben Nacard, Simon Trick.

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