$1.2 Billion Temple 20/20 Project

Temple 20/20 is a visionary plan to make Temple University a destination campus over the next decade.  The Philadelphia Business Journal reports that the university has mapped out a series of projects that aim to achieve several objectives for the school and its North Philadelphia Neighborhood without expanding upon its 105-acre footprint along North Broad Street.  The school is hopeful the new projects will revitalize and bring new life to North Broad Street and re-establish the artery as the gateway to the campus. Upon completion the plan will create more green and academic space, develop additional campus housing and link the core of the campus to North Broad Street.

The school has 12,000 students residing on campus and wants to add over the next several years enough beds to accommodate between 16,000 and 20,000 undergraduate students, bringing more students onto the campus.  Temple plans this summer or fall to begin construction of a new student housing structure that will add 1,700 beds and cost $150 million.  This is awesome news for any investors and developers building, renovating, or planning to purchase property in the near future around Temple University.  The big bonus for developers is that Temple does not guarantee housing for student after their first year, so that leaves thousands of students knocking on your doors!

I apologize for the quality of the images.  They are from a slide show posted on Planphilly.com

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