Simply Creative Infill Solution

Here is another great design post to start off your weekend!
Located in Istanbul, Turkey is a creative and very simple solution for urban infill. The Besiktas Fish Market is a beautiful and efficient use for an unusual triangular shaped lot. the new market replaces an older fish market that went into disrepair. To preserve this history a new structure was designed for the same site.

The market is at the terminus of a pedestrian corridor defining a strong connectivity and a growing diverse economy within the village-like atmosphere it contributes to. Besiktas is an eclectic area that is in the process of urban renewal. The market has turned into an iconic venue where many locals and visitors buy fresh fish daily.

 The buildings efficiency lies in its construction. GAD designed the triangular shaped concrete shell covering the entire site with large openings at street level. The concrete shell provides a column free interior space, optimizing programatic needs.

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